Three Spiritual Festivals
  • THE EASTER FESTIVAL - April 12th and 13th 2006
    The great Western Festival and spiritual high point of the Christian year has the keynote of love and is always fixed by the date of the full moon of Aries, the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

  • THE WESAK FESTIVAL, - May 12th, 2006
    The great Eastern Festival of the Buddha expresses the keynotes of wisdom and divine purpose, and follows one month after Easter at the time of the Taurus full moon. (more...)

    and WORLD INVOCATION DAY - June 11th, 2006

    The Festival of the Christ follows one month after Wesak at the time of the full moon of Gemini. It has the keynote of "humanity, aspiring to God" and blending many different spiritual approaches in one united act of invocation. It has been observed since 1952 as World Invocation Day. ( more...)

A gigantic group meditation is going on in many different phases upon our planet. All the meditating units and reflective groups are related to each other through unity of spiritual motive; they are seeking closer cooperation and endeavoring to bring their meditation work - consciously or unconsciously - into a state of universal quiet, so that the formulation of spiritual desire can be carried successfully forward, and the reception of spiritual energies can be a united reception.

For two days prior to the full moon, on the day of the full moon itself, and for the two succeeding days (five days) endeavor at sunrise, at noon, at five o'clock p.m., and at sunset, plus the exact time of the full moon in your own land, to say the Great Invocation with the intent to invoke, precipitate and anchor in outer manifestation the waiting potencies. Do this aloud when possible, and in group formation whenever feasible. It is the focussed power of unemotional thought which will bridge the present existing gap and link more closely the two worlds of spiritual activity and of human demonstration.

A paper on the significance of these three spiritual Festivals is available on request; also a booklet on meditation at the full moon. Further information can be found in the books The Reappearance of the Christ and Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II, by Alice A. Bailey.